Robert Donica, Managing BrokerRobert Donica

team_img_01Robert has been in real estate for over 16 years. Soon, he was representing institutional buyers who were making national headlines with their high volume, high quality real estate purchases. “It’s too bad homeowners can’t benefit from the efficient structures of these high volume buyers,” he thought one day. “It’s not like it’s rocket science, it’s just real estate.” Thus, an idea took form. Robert gathered his highly experienced team and asked them what they thought about sharing their expertise with owner occupants, not just the big Wall Street guys. “We’re in!” they shouted. That was all Robert needed to hear. After a year of dreaming, planning, fundraising, and empathetic system structuring, Rocket Realty became a reality. “My place is to support, problem solve, encourage, and develop. Doing what’s best for my brokers and their clients never comes into conflict with doing what’s best for the company or myself. I believe in alignment and mutually beneficial relationships.”

When Robert is not busy thinking of new ways to improve the client experience, he loves to run in local races (biking,) travel, and spend time with his adult children. If you ask him what guides him in life, he’ll tell you, “No one ever lies on their death bed and wishes they had spent more time fussing over house work, worrying about things they couldn’t control, or spending long nights at the office. It’s the people and experiences they neglected that they regret the most. I just want to make it to the finish line with as few regrets as possible.”

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