Robert DonicaRobert Donica

team_img_04Call him Bob (unless he’s in trouble, then you can call him Robert). Bob’s life experiences have benefited the team from the very beginning. His background as an accountant makes him the go-to guy for understanding tax consequences for our clients, and no one needs to break out the calculator when Bob is in the room. Numbers are his thing! Bob started his real estate career over 10 years ago and spent a portion of that time in a flat fee firm. He helped us understand that the list of what NOT to do is just as important as what we should be doing. Bob enjoys working with institutional buyers, but right now he’s most passionate about bringing the opportunity of using this unique process to the retail market. “Wall Street guys are always looking for a better, more cost-effective way to do business. Why should retail clients expect anything less?” Bob’s a natural problem solver, which makes him a vital part of the leadership team. “There are a lot of pieces to the real estate puzzle. I like putting them together.”

Bob is an active guy, spending his free time playing tennis and running. With two adult children, Bob is having more fun than ever growing his segment of the business and spending time with friends and family. One of his favorite sayings is, “North never changes,” reminding him that solid core values and a conviction to always do the right thing will never take you off course. Bob is best known on the team for his sense of humor and positive attitude.

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