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You want to sell your house.

You’re smart enough to know it isn’t that hard. We built our services around respecting your intelligence, your time, and your equity. Your agent and transaction manager will learn how you like to communicate, what times are convenient for your schedule, and walk you through a streamlined process that eliminates the fluff, focuses on your goals, and gets you into your dream property. Your agent will share everything about the process with you on your first meeting and lift the veil of the mysterious actions of agents. We won’t try to overwhelm you with fancy words and horror stories, but we will charm you with our straight talk and efficient approach. Because when you pay 4.5% commission and get full service – YOU WIN!


Full color photos

photos Great pictures are key to piquing the interest of buyers and driving traffic to your listing. Pictures should never a) be taken from the street while the agent sits in their car b) include the agents finger in the frame c) have an obvious slant or d) be dark or out of focus. Our agents are trained to take appealing, high quality photos that highlight the fine points of your property. We’ll take at least a dozen photos, likely more, but still leave enough to the imagination that buyers can’t help but take a look for themselves.

Yard sign

sign It’s important that your neighbors and passersby know your home is on the market. Dirty, broken, or rusty signs, however, don’t convey the message you want to send. We’ll provide you with a clean, visible sign that will look professional and catch the attention of those who most need to know your property is for sale – agents who are driving buyers through your neighborhood and people who can say, “Hey, you should buy my neighbor’s house, they just put it on the market!”

Listing in the MLS

mls This is the most important activity any agent does. There is a major trickle-down effect from just getting a property into the MLS system. All property descriptions, pictures, property information, etc, found on the various real estate websites is pulled from the MLS system. Misspellings, typos, and bad information travels as fast as quality language and data. We’re committed to getting it right the first time and making sure your property’s debut on the World Wide Web is attractive and professional.

Full listing on Zillow, Trulia,, etc.

web Want to know a little secret among real estate agents? We don’t actually have anything to do with your listing being on all the major websites. Gasp! It’s true. Once the property is loaded into the MLS, that data is automatically pulled by every major real estate site. That’s why it’s so important to get the listing done right the first time. All those sites don’t grab the revisions or updates as quickly as they grab the initial listing, so knowing your data is accurate and well-presented is really important. We get that, and you can count on us to get it right.

Full color flyers

flyer Not all agents want the hassle of providing flyers for their sellers. Other agents wear the “I drove all over town today filling flyer boxes” badge of honor. Neither of those make much sense to us or our clients. We’ll send you a PDF version of the flyer and MLS listing sheet so you can monitor your flyer box (if you choose to have one) and fill it as necessary. Nearly everyone has access to a printer, and by not having an agent drive across town to drop flyers in your box you can save THOUSANDS. That sounded like a good deal to us, and our clients agree!

Centralized Showings

show Scheduling showings can be really simple. Many agents don’t want to pay to have a third party facilitate showings for their clients, so they have showing requests sent to their cell phones. The third party, called Centralized Showings, is available to receive calls for showings on your property 7 days a week, and 24/7 if the agent wants to schedule online. Without this service, sellers are left hoping that their agent isn’t on vacation, getting a massage, driving, sleeping, in the hospital, at soccer practice (you get the point) when the call comes in to request a showing. Centralized Showings is more secure and efficient than any other option available to sellers and buyer’s agents, so it was the obvious choice for us.

Open houses

open Let’s be really clear about this – open houses do not sell houses. When Robert first got his real estate license, his broker told him to do as many open houses as possible so he could pick up more clients. And it worked! But Robert didn’t sell a single house by holding it open. Some sellers, however, really want to give it a try, and we’re certainly glad to make sure they can. We can do as many open houses as the seller wants, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure they go off without a hitch.


docusign Wouldn’t it be great if you could sign a counter offer while sitting at Johnny’s baseball game or read through an inspection response and sign it while getting your hair done? Wouldn’t it be great if you could sleep in and sign from home rather than jump up and drive to your Realtor’s office? Well, with Rocket you can. We send all documents requiring a signature to you via email using Docusign, so you can sign using just your phone, tablet, or computer with a simple click. You don’t need to print, scan, or be at a certain place or time to sign. Real estate just got a whole lot easier!

Reduced buyer's commission if seller finds the buyer.

nocomissionNO ONE offers that to sellers, but everyone should. If you are able to find your own buyer, why should you pay a full commission? If we were you, we’d want a reduction in commission if the buyer was not found by the agent. And since we’re committed to treating our clients the way we’d want to be treated, the reduced commission is a no brainer.


Specialized Team Members

team Typically, real estate agents handle all their transactions from beginning to end. From marketing their listings, determining a competitive listing price, negotiating an offer, dealing with lenders, appraisers, inspectors, etc, and attending the closing, they do it all. We think that’s a little risky. What if your agent isn’t a very good negotiator? What if they don’t understand the ever-changing lending process? What if they don’t know anything about building and code violations? Our regional managers, agents, transactions managers, and leadership personnel are specialists in the roles they fill. Agents never take a buyer or seller through the process without the involvement of our specialists along the way.

Electronic lockboxes

lock If for no other reason, you should insist on an electronic lock box on your property for the safety of you and your family. The cheap contractor boxes many agents use have a fixed code that can be used over and over again by anyone. Electronic lockboxes require a special card that can only be used by Realtors and must be used in conjunction with a PIN. If a Realtor has let their license lapse or is otherwise removed from the legal practice of real estate, their card will not work. Also, the lockbox transmits a list of anyone who has accessed the key inside to the listing agent, so we can always tell you who came and went. These boxes are expensive, but we’d want our own families to have the safety and peace of mind they provide.

Free Market Analysis

chart You’ve got a pretty good idea regarding the price you want to list your home, but a market analysis can give you additional insights. Our agents will come to your initial appointment with a market analysis that will show you what homes sold for in your area in the last 12 months and how your property relates to those sold houses. They’ll go over the analysis with you and help you understand what it means to you and potential buyers. Many agents charge for this, but we think you deserve to know how we came up with a recommended list price on your property without paying a fee.

Fully vetted vendors – no kickbacks!

vendor Ever wondered why you got a particular recommendation? You won’t have to wonder with Rocket. Our preferred vendor list was born out of a leadership meeting where we were discussing outcomes. What’s the best way to ensure a great outcome for our clients? One of the obvious ways is to make sure we partner with really great title companies, inspectors, contractors, etc. Rocket agents and employees are forbidden to accept even nominal expressions of gratitude from our vendors, so we can be sure the only thing on our mind when making a recommendation is your satisfaction.

No hidden fees

fees You’ll get a clear, full picture of your expenses when listing with Rocket (there are NO expenses when buying with Rocket). We’ve seen agents advertise themselves as “4.5% agents” but the reality is their sellers pay a whopping 8% in total! The listing agent gets 4.5%, plus another 3.5% goes to the buyer’s agent at closing. Sellers can get fleeced, but they feel trapped because they want to sell their home. With Rocket Realty, you’ll feel the confidence and respect you deserve.