Robert Donica

A house is more than just a building; it’s a home.

Remember that plot-line in Father of the Bride, the movie about the dad who loses it when his daughter gets engaged? Long, crazy story short, the family has lived their whole lives in this one beautiful house. Cue nostalgic flashbacks of small girl in pigtails learning how to play basketball next to the perfectly-manicured rose bushes. Cue mushy moments the night before her wedding, punctuated by an impeccably-timed snowfall.

best firmThis house is the center of the story–the cement that keeps the family together, the guardian that watches over their joys and sorrows, the one point in common that binds them across ages, genders, and political views. A unifying rock in the midst of many changes, the house is everything a home is supposed to be.

Cue the mid-life crisis. George Banks (the father) decides he wants to sell the house and move to a condo on the beach. He doesn’t choose real estate’s best firm to negotiate the deal, but sells straight to a shady developer instead. (Frankly, for a gushy movie, it seems to have a lot of good insights into how not to conduct real estate business).

He sells his beautiful home to Greedy Developer Man, only to find out soon after that his wife is pregnant, and everyone wants the house back!  In a swiftly ironic descent of Deus Ex Machina, George has a change of heart.  Although his agreement is reluctant at first, the moment he finds out their home is about to be wrecked, he is horrified!  His panic over the imminent demise of his family’s beloved home drives him to rush to write a check for double the amount for which he had just sold the home!

The Best Firm in Real Estate Gets It

A house is not just a pile of sticks and stone on a plot of land–it’s your home! Although some real estate agencies may not look beyond its objective value as a building, the best firm of real estate agents understands the value, either existing or potential, of every home.

If you are selling your home, or looking to purchase a new one, you can count on the best firm in real estate to work with you tirelessly, to help you find the right place for your own story to unfold.

How can you be certain that you have chosen one of the best firms in real estate? Good-to-the-core, honest firms like Rocket Realty offer the services you need at a rate you can afford.  For example, Rocket Realty offers 4.5% commission–nearly 1.5% less than the average, according to the LA Times!  For our team, it’s not about the quick buck, it’s about facilitating, providing, and sharing expertise as you search for your next home.