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FSBO in Indiana is made easy when you start with this secret from Rocket Realty!

So it’s time to sell your home. Life is changing and so are your housing needs. You’re sorting through possessions, wondering what to pack and what to leave behind, while browsing all the latest listings online. Although both of these activities certainly have their stresses, they can be fun as you look ahead to the future in your new home. Selling your current home, though, may be a different story altogether.

Screen Shot on 2015-10-14 at 11-54-06Should you hire a real estate agent? Is their help really worth the price of commission? Do you have what it takes to list your home For Sale By Owner. If so, what are the rules and regulations that apply to FSBO in Indiana? With so many questions, it can be a challenge to figure out how to get started… and how to find success.


Is FSBO In Indiana Right For You?

shutterstock_236194900When you decide to sell your home, there are traditionally two paths to choose from: hiring a real estate agent or doing the work yourself. A quick search online may lead you think that FSBO in Indiana is an almost impossible task; time-consuming and not worth the effort. At Rocket Realty, however, we think it’s time to tell a different story.

For Sale By Owner can be a great way to save money and to sell your home your own way. In fact, according to the National Association of REALTORS, not wanting to pay a commission or fee is the top reason that sellers choose to list their home FSBO throughout the country. With the national average for real estate agent commission being around 6%, it’s clear why so many are making that choice.


shutterstock_3246968Just last year, residential real estate reporter Denis Rodkin write that “Sales through rose 16 percent nationwide in the second quarter from the year earlier.” And, during that same timeframe, nationwide home sales of all types were actually down about 1 percent.

Although there are several factors which may be contributing to this change, one of the biggest is the increase of the homeowners’ internet use and the access that they have to certain tools. Now, information and services that were once exclusively accessible by real estate agents are available to anyone with an internet connection! Changing technology has put the power to succeed at FSBO into your hands.

Of course, the ability to list your home and create online and in-person visibility is only the beginning of the process. After listing, you have a number of other tasks ahead of you from showing your home to negotiating prices and eventually closing the deal. These can be a challenge, especially if you do not have previous real estate experience. According to the 2014 National Association of REALTORS Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, FSBO sellers listed the following as the most difficult tasks:

  • Understanding and performing paperwork
  • Getting the right price
  • Preparing/fixing up home for sale
  • Helping buyer obtain financing
  • Attracting potential buyers
  • Selling within the planned length of time
  • Having enough time to devote to all aspects of the sale

Although these tasks can certainly be a challenge, they are not rocket science! At Rocket Realty, we want to equip you to succeed at every stage of selling your home.

The Secret To FSBO Success In Indiana: Expert Help Without The Price Tag
Listing your home FSBO in Indiana isn’t rocket science… especially when you know the secret to success: Rocket Realty. If you have heard of us before, you may already have an idea about what makes us different and why we love to help FSBO sellers like you. If you’ve never heard of us, though, take a moment to find out what makes us unique!

It all goes back to the beginning… When we asked ourselves “Can we revolutionize the real estate industry by helping buyers and sellers save thousands? If so, will it be a business we can sustain?” With those questions as our guide, we dove headfirst into researching and soul-searching and eventually discovered that it really was possible! BUT, we knew that for both goals to be really successful, we would have to break the mold and do things totally differently.

We started with some important changes:

  • We have a simple central office, rather than several fancy buildings. You may not be awestruck when you walk through our doors… but we think you’ll be pretty impressed by the savings it allows us to pass on to you.
  • We don’t say “that’s the way it’s always been done.” Our favorite example of this is our transaction management process. Instead of one agent working with you for the whole process, you work with a team of experts who have specialized in various stages.
  • We don’t use our clients for prospecting which means we don’t pressure you do anything that benefits us more than it benefits you.
  • We are working to lift the veil of real estate practices and traditions. We don’t think that buying or selling homes is rocket science… and we want to help you feel that way as well.

While many real estate agencies may feel concerned about the number of sellers who are starting to list their homes
For Sale By Owner, at Rocket Realty, we can’t help but be excited! We love to see sellers take charge of the sale of their home and learn new things about real estate, about their homes, and about themselves.

But, we don’t want to leave you on your own to figure it out. We want to help you discover the best way to sell your house and keep more of your own money! So, we are proud to offer a completely free consultation with a Rocket Realty agent. We want to share our insight into the FSBO process, provide a glimpse at the local market, and help you take the next step in either researching your decision or beginning the listing process.

We believe that the secret to a successful FSBO sale is knowledge. You need to have a solid understanding of the FSBO process, of what steps will be required of you, and even what help is available for you along the way if you get stuck! And while you could find some helpful tips online, we think it’s a lot easier–and a lot more helpful–to talk to an expert in person about your unique situation. We hope you think so too!

shutterstock_40152619Let Us Know What You Think!

Have you tried to list your home FSBO in Indiana? We would love to hear about your experience! In the comments section below, let us know what you found most rewarding, what was challenging, or what advice you wish you’d had before you started the process.

If you have never listed a home FSBO, we want to hear from you, too! Let us know if you are considering FSBO and what your top reason is. You can also share your questions and concerns about the process in the same comments section below.