Robert Donica

When you are looking for a discount realtor to help you sell your home, we know you have many options.  When comparing one agency to the next, things may start to blend together.  How can you really choose the right real estate agent for your timeline, style, and budget?  Fortunately, one agency stands out from the rest with an approach–and rates–you won’t find at any other agency.  Once you get the facts about Rocket Realty, the answer is clear.  This is the discount realtor in the business to help you meet your real estate goals.

An Entire Team for the Price of One Agent?

discount realtorWhen you contact most discount real estate agencies, you get to work with just one agent.  You end up having to rely on this individual for every stage of the process, from listing and staging to final negotiations. But have you ever stopped to wonder if one person can really excel at all of these different facets of the real estate world?

At Rocket Realty, we decided not to leave that question up to chance.  Instead, we use a team approach to each house sale.  For you, this means that you get the benefit of a team of specialists, each experienced and enthusiastic about his or her aspect of your sale.  When you get the best of all of us, everyone wins.

You Won’t Find This Discount Anywhere Else

Of course, when you look for a discount realtor, one of the biggest factors that plays into your decision is savings.  So, when you find the agency offering a discount not found anywhere else, it’s time to pay attention.  Rocket Realty offers a reduced buyer’s commission if you, the seller, are able to find the buyer on your own.  After all, if you do that part of the work on your own, why should you have to pay a full commission?  This reduced commision is a clear choice for us, but you won’t find it with any other agency.

The Discount Realtor Ready for Change

When we started Rocket Realty, we focused on the question of how to save our clients money.  We realized that in order to do this well, we’d have to go directions that other agencies had never gone before.  So, we’ve thrown “that’s the way it’s always been done” to the wind, and focused instead on policies and services that really make sense and benefit you.
For more information about how Rocket Realty is transforming the real estate business, contact us today!