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The Top  5  Questions Asked at the Indy Home Show

I really wanted to share these great questions with you the week after the show, but the alarming tactic used by agents to get more of your money, which we posted last week, was just too important to wait another week. So if you haven’t read that blog, go do it! I’ll wait here.

Welcome back! I’m sure you’re reeling from the atrocious revelation you just read. I have been privy to this information for two weeks, and I’m still recovering, so don’t feel bad. You and I can heal together over this more lighthearted and positive post.

The Indy Home Show was A BLAST! You guys came at us from every direction, non-stop, for 10 straight days. You laughed with us, shared your horror stories, and poured out your dreams, fears, and opportunities. Thank you for sharing so much with us. We loved every minute of it. If you couldn’t make the Home Show, no worries! I’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions or misperceptions so you can get a little slice of our heaven from the comfort of your living room (or wherever you happen to be at the moment).Can I sell my house without a realtor

1.  What’s the catch?   

This was by leaps and bounds the most asked question of the show. I have to admit, it caught us totally off guard. Forgetting that most people don’t have a favorable opinion of the real estate industry, we were a bit taken back by the question. The answer? There is no catch. Not one. No fine print, no gotchas, no big sacrifice, nothing fishy. We do it all, and we do it better than anyone out there.

2.  Are you a franchise?

We did not see this one coming, but our clients-to-be loved our branding, signs, and message. They thought surely we were part of a big out-of-town outfit. Nope. We all started our careers right here in the Indy area, and we’re all still right here in the Indy area. Our main office is located in Shelbyville, IN, and our agents are all over the city. We might have snuck up on you, but we’re hard working local agents toiling to make a difference in Indy. If you want to know where we got our super-cool website and branding, check out the marketing geniuses at Farotech (

3.  Why are you ruining the real estate industry for agents?

Ok, to be fair, not one single person outside the real estate industry said this to us. But several agents stopped by to say that they were worth EVERY BIT OF THE X% they charge. My response was, “Really? What, in the two weeks of training you received, qualified you to suck unfair amounts of equity away from your clients?” Not one of them could offer a single statement justifying their inflated commissions. But they were pretty ticked that were pointing that out to the general public. I do hate that it upsets them, but I doubly hate seeing sellers coughing up huge chunks of money for simple services.

4.  Is that the TOTAL commission?

Yep. 4.5%. That’s it. Rocket Realty takes 1.5% for listing your home (at closing) and we offer 3% to the buyer’s agent. If you want to offer a greater incentive to the buyer’s agent, we can do that, but you’ll never pay Rocket more 1.5% to list your house. Even if you don’t use us, don’t overpay to sell your house. It won’t get you any better results, but it will empty your pockets.

5.  Who does your hair?

Hahaha! I did get this question a lot. Her name is Judy Ciarletta, and she owns/operates Ciarletta’s with her husband in Shelbyville. Fun fact: She and her husband, Nick, set my husband and me up on a blind date 18 years ago. I loved him the minute I saw him.

So that’s it. The serious, scary, and funny things people say at the Indy Home Show. We’re already signed up for next year, and we’ll be partnering with People’s Bank. They are magnificent at mortgages, and we share a passion for simple, successful, and fun outcomes for our clients. Stay tuned for our plans to have the BEST BOOTH EVER next year!

Good luck out there!


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  1. sammy65
    09.03.2015 at 20:23

    Aw, so cute about your husband. I met mine on a blind date, too :)