Unique processRobert Donica

The First Class Experience

Highly experienced agents will be with you throughout your transaction. While each of our agents are skilled in contracts, negotiation, and solving real estate related issues of all kinds, they’re also lots of fun. Real estate doesn’t have to be stiff or boring!


The Money Maximizer

Rocket Realty was created to put the power of selling your real estate into your hands – while keeping your money in your wallet. You’ll save thousands with Rocket Realty, which you can use towards a down payment, remodel, or simply add to your savings.


The Efficiency Advantage

If you ask most people how they’ve been, they’ll likely say, “Busy!” We know you are, so we have designed a system and adopted a mentality that values your time as much as you do. You won’t receive unnecessary communications or time-wasting requests. The initial appointment is constructed to collect all the information we need to get your listing up and running ASAP and let you get back to the things that matter most to you.


The Process Navigator

Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing what to expect. Real estate isn’t rocket science, and our agents are committed to keeping it simple and streamlined. They’ll also give you a thorough description of what to expect, who to call if you have questions, and what we’re going to do to make this the best real estate experience you’ve ever had.


The Trusted Partners Network

All real estate transactions require participation with vendors. Inspectors, title companies, lenders and others can be great allies to a successful transaction – or they can be epic villians. We will make sure you partner with the right companies to keep your closing on track and stress free.


The Advanced Approach

We won’t overwhelm you with technology, but we will use it to your advantage. Everything from communication, showings, offers and earnest money will be efficient, easy and the perfect mix of modern and simple. You’ll be delighted with the convenience and thrilled with the outcome.