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Protecting Your Possessions

Protecting Your Possessions (Part 1)

Protecting Your Possessions (Part 2)

Protecting Your Possessions: Electronics

Protecting Your Identity!

Watch Your Money!

Staging Your Home

Knowing the “Best” Features in Your Home

Staging Your Home: Lighting

Staging Your Home: Kitchen Counter Tops

Staging Your Home: Refrigerator

Staging Your Home: Make it Smell Nice!

“Warming Up” Your Showing with a Fireplace

Staging Your Home with Music

Staging Your Home: Decluttering!

Decluttering 101: Have a Garage or Yard Sale!

Staging Your Home: Clean it Up!

Being the Best Seller You Can Be

How to Welcome Guests Into Your Home

Highlighting Your Home’s Best Features

Leaving Your Buyers Hand Written Notes

Buyers Have Messy Shoes On? Be Prepared!

Why NOT To Be “Too” Involved with Your Buyers

Welcome Your Buyers with a Home Packet!

Making Your Home, Somebody Else’s Potential Dream Home