Robert Donica

Starting a Revolution

When people ask me or my team members what we do for a living, we all say, “We are revolutionizing the way people buy and sell real estate.” Generally, their eyes bug out of their heads, and then they stop the waiter and order another drink.


0002_rocketMy team and I have spent the last 2+ years doing over 600 transactions for a REIT (real estate investment trust) based in California. As one of the first and largest REITs of its kind, our client forged the way in doing a very high volume of one-off purchases in a short amount of time. We were fortunate enough to go along for the ride. We learned a lot about efficiency, negotiations, and keeping deals together. Sadly, we also got a full frontal view of what’s going on for most buyers and sellers in the retail marketplace.

Unanswered phone calls/emails, offers to purchase that went ignored, failed timeframes, botched inspection responses, and the like were more typical than well transacted business. The scariest part was that the sellers had no way of knowing! For example, if someone wanted to tour your home, but your list agent never returned their phone call, how would you know someone was interested? You wouldn’t, and it happens all the time. This process did not sit well with us at all.

Wall Street vs Main Street

Our Wall Street guys were getting Main Street service, while Main Street sellers (and buyers) were getting Nightmare on Elm Street service. We had tooled our systems to serve the “big guys”, and it was working like a charm. However, every time we saw huge commissions on the HUD-1 (the balance sheet of a transaction you see at closing) paid to agents who did a terrible job, we were crushed. It wasn’t ethical to tell the sellers what we knew, but it sure didn’t feel ethical keeping the truth from them either.

The Turn

My team and I met in early 2014 and decided that it was time to stop being spectators and start being a solution. We retooled our system to meet the needs of consumers and committed ourselves to become revolutionaries. We chucked every bit of conventional wisdom to the curb and built the real estate company consumers need and want. Every decision was passed through the “What would our clients want us to do?” filter. Being a revolutionary is exciting and rewarding, and we can’t wait to bring it to your front step!

Although an improved process and greater transparency are important, nothing beats elevating a marketplace like informed consumers. If you want to know what, why, how, or when, call us. Keep an eye on this blog because I’ll be using it as an education; not a selling tool for consumers. Even if Rocket Realty isn’t the right choice for you, we want to help you find the best fit. If you have a Main Street experience, even if it’s with another agency, and avoid a run-in with the “Freddie Krueger” agents who are at every turn, we’ve done our job.

Good luck out there!