Robert Donica

There Is NO Catch!

We had a blast at the Indy Home Show last week. We had the pleasure of talking real estate with hundreds of people, all intrigued by the possibility of only paying 4.5% total commission. But a question we get asked A LOT that I didn’t see coming was, “WHAT’S THE CATCH?”

Now, I have to say this really bummed me out. Have consumers been so jaded by the real estate industry that it’s hard to believe it’s really just 4.5%? Apparently, the answer is a big fat YES. But then I remembered that’s why we started Rocket Realty in the first place. We wanted to give sellers and buyers a better way to do real estate, which implies that the way it’s always been done isn’t so great. In retrospect, we should have created a backdrop that says, “THERE’S NO CATCH” rather than the one that says, “It’s How Smart People Sell Their House.” Lesson learned.

We Do It Best, For you0002_rocket

Even though that question is a sad statement about how people feel regarding real estate agents, it’s given us a chance to have some great conversations with people who are thinking about buying or selling. Their facial expressions were the best! They ranged from raised eyebrows from people getting ready to sell, to deep frowns from people who just closed and forked out 7%. If I had a nickel for every time I heard, “I wish we had known about you guys 3 months ago!” I’d have enough nickels to hang out at the beer garden all day (where they were serving Sun King’s Cream Ale, so you can bet your hat I headed that way before the week ended!).

So if you’re curious about how we answered the question, “What’s the catch?” I’ll tell you. We said, “There isn’t one.” After that brief, but powerful, statement we just smiled and listened. We were regaled with stories about non-performing agents, cheats, liars, and the like. All we can do is shake our head, console the disappointed masses, and offer a solution. List with Rocket Realty and skip the heartache. Sell your house, keep your equity (and your mind!), and have a little fun. Easy peasy – and there’s no catch!

Good luck out there!