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Rocket Realty shares the top investors’ strategies for how to save money in real estate fees.

As a real estate investor, you probably have a whole toolbox full of effective strategies to help you get the greatest return on your investment.  From choosing the right properties to pricing them based on your assessment of the current market, you are able to get your investments off to a great start.  And yet, at the end of the day, you may find that your bottom line still isn’t what you want it to be.  Many investors are in the same boat as you, finding that real estate fees are cutting into their net profit.  So, it’s no wonder that so many investors are asking how to save money in real estate fees.

how to save money in real estate feesAt Rocket Realty, we have heard your questions, and we want to help!  So, we have compiled a list of three effective strategies for how to save money in real estate fees when you are investing.

  • Shop Around.  It may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be astonished to find out how many investors simply go with the first agent they call.  Although you might strike it lucky, the reality is that this is not an effective strategy for savings.  Interview at least three real estate agents before you choose someone to work with.  And, as you interview, ask for a discount on the commission!  Although not all agents will go for the reduced commission, some will.
  • Go FSBO.  Real estate isn’t rocket science.  If you have the time to dedicate to staging, showing, and selling your property, you can stand to see some serious savings.  There are a vast amount of resources available online to help you list your property, and you have the benefit of doing things on your own schedule and terms.  And if you do find that there are areas where you would like the help of a real estate professional on the way, you can find a full range of flat fee services available to you.  So, you can do the work you want and then pay a low, flat rate to get the help you need filling in the gaps.

  • Find A Reduced-Fee Agency.  Perhaps the most guaranteed strategy for how to save money in real estate fees is to find a reduced fee agency like Rocket Realty.  With clear, low rates from the start, you don’t have the stress of negotiating for a reduced rate.  You also benefit from full services, which can be a great asset if you do not have the time to dedicated to the sale of your property.  In fact, you can even find some agencies, like Rocket Realty, who specialize in helping investors like you for a low rate!

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How To Save Money In Real Estate Fees | How To Save Money On Real Estate Fees