Robert Donica

You Know When You’ve Made the Right Call

I had the opportunity to talk to a new prospect the other day, and our conversation was the quintessence of why we do what we do. I’ll call her Natalie. She called our toll-free number and asked to speak to an agent. I don’t list houses myself, but I do often talk with people before they connect with one of our agents. Here’s how it went:

Natalie: Can I speak to someone about listing my house?

Susan: Sure! My name is Susan and I’d be glad to help you with that. What questions do you have?

Indianapolis Real EstateN: Well, we’re interviewing several agents and I just wanted to see what you are all about.

S: Good for you, Natalie! A lot of consumers skip the interview process and only talk to one agent. You’re already ahead of the curve.

N: Actually, I’m kind of regretting it. We haven’t spoken to a single agent we like.

S: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Well, you asked what Rocket Realty is all about, so let me tell you. We started this company last year after a decade in real estate. Each of us are real estate veterans who just couldn’t stand what we were seeing in the marketplace – unanswered calls, missed deadlines, and some just downright bad behavior. So my agents and I got together to,  well, not to be corny, but “Be the change we want to see in the world.” We think sellers have been overpaying agents and getting subpar service for too long. We charge a total commission of just 4.5% and we don’t skip any valuable home-selling activities. MLS, yard signs, internet sites, electronic lockboxes, centralized showing service, we do it all.

N: 4.5%? The other agents wanted 7%! What’s the difference?

S: Some self-awareness and low overhead.

N: (Laughs.) I see. Speaking of self-awareness, we have seen a real lack of that. The last agent was bragging out how his days-on-market average is under 30 days. That was impressive until he showed me what he wanted to list my house for. He practically wanted me to give it away! He was so arrogant, which seems to be a common thread among agents. (Pause.) Sorry, I know you guys are real estate agents.

S: No worries, observations like that are exactly why we started this company. Now tell me a little about yourself, your family, and your home…

The Difference We Can Make

The rest of the conversation was Natalie telling me about how she and her family had outgrown the home they bought five years ago, but they weren’t desperate to move. She wanted to know what her house would sell for, and what was on the market that they might like. We decided the best approach was for her to explore the market a bit with one of my agents, then decide if she was ready to make the move. We started with what mattered most to Natalie, not with how to put money in our pocket. See, we believe that doing the right thing will always triumph over doing the biggest payday thing. We are doing it for Natalie, and we’ll do it for you.

Even if Rocket Realty isn’t the right fit for you, get a good agent. Interview them, press them for specific answers, and really think about the integrity of the agent. You’ll be glad you did!

Good luck out there!